If you hire me as your editor, I will be looking at your writing in a different way from an editor at a publishing company. I will read your full manuscript with attention, tell you where it shines and where it needs work, and give you specific suggestions about what you can do to make it better.

Writing Coach...

If you're one of those people who finds it difficult to continue working on a manuscript without the certain knowledge that it will be published, you can hire me as a writing coach. In that case I will read chapters as you work on your book, give you feedback, and help you set goals to keep moving forward.

Copy Editor...

If you're confident about your writing but are worried about having a clean manuscript, free of awkward phrasing and errors in spelling and grammar, you can hire me as a copy editor. In that case, I will go over your manuscript line by line, making sure that it will shine when you submit it for publication.

New Feature:
Try a quick edit on your shorter documents for a taste of what my services can do for your writing.
Nancy Wick

I'm Nancy Wick, a Seattle-based writer, editor and writing coach. I love working with writers to help them make their work the very best it can be.

I recognize that one of the greatest barriers to writing success has nothing to do with talent or even work ethic. It is the necessity of taking the fruit of a private activity and exposing it to the public. Most writers, I believe, willingly slave away on their manuscripts hour after hour, but cringe when the time comes to show those manuscripts to others. What seemed fine to them yesterday is suddenly fatally flawed. So they take it back for one more revision, in hopes that this time it will be perfect.

Are you one of those people who holds on to writing because you think it isn't good enough? What if there were someone you could show it to — someone who would be both objective judge and supporter? That's what an editor or a writing coach can be.

However you choose to use my services, be assured that I will do everything I can to help you progress in your writing.