"I knew my novella needed work. As a fledgling writer, I had no experience with an editor and the websites I looked at failed to alleviate my anxiety. Nancy's website has a tone and writing style that immediately made me know I'd found the right person. Working with her was a wonderful experience from start to finish. The content edit was clear, concise and full of excellent recommendations about how I could make the manuscript stronger. She also challenged me to make some changes that I wished I didn't have to make, but once I did, I realized she was so right and the story was better for it. The copy edit process was painless, except for a couple of areas where I didn't use the proper construction. I feel doubly fortunate because due to Nancy's edit, Wait Here  was improved and my future work benefits from her tutorial. Nancy was thorough and respectful. I can't imagine using another editor for my next book."

 --Rebecca McCurdy
Author, Wait Here 

   "Nancy's insight into character, plot and structure were extremely helpful. Her over-all analysis of my manuscript and detailed explanation helped me address areas that strengthened my novel. Due to the current state of the publishing industry, it's more important than ever to have a manuscript that will require little or no editing when it reaches an agent and eventually a publisher. I found Nancy Wick to be an experienced professional and I would recommend her without hesitation."

--Austin Gary
Author, Miss Madeira

     "I started self-publishing books three years ago ... without a professional editor. One time I actually misspelled self-publishing (you can't get any more cliche than that!). I finally realized I needed an editor when a reviewer on Amazon mentioned the typos. I was so glad to find Nancy! Now I send her all my projects for review. It's helped my own confidence in my writing and I know that all my work looks professional."
--Erik Hanberg
Author, Saints Go Dying, Marinara Murders and The Lead Cloak

     "Sometimes as a writer you just need help. That was me, sitting on a darn good manuscript which I knew needed to be better in order to sell. Nancy Wick of Enlightened Edits listened carefully to what I had to say, to my own assessment. Nancy then read my work and promptly responded with an eleven page letter detailing what she saw as the novel's strengths and weaknesses. Nancy pinpointed characters whose development was not fully realized, and she identified plot weaknesses I had missed. Her comments dealt with small detail issues such as continuity glitches as well as the larger conceptual concerns.
     "I needed someone to take a fresh look at the manuscript, and an honest voice to comment on it. Nancy Wick provided me with both those things and much more. I felt completely supported through the process. Nancy provided me with a great helping service, and I recommend her to you."
--Rodger Larson
Author, What I Know Now and Raindog

     "Nancy is a creative, detail-oriented writer/editor who strengthens the ideas and words of the client without losing the integrity of the original work.”
--Melissa Woods

     "Nancy edited my manuscript on Compassionate Listening. She was very professional, insightful and helpful in ironing out some of my inconsistencies and in suggesting simple, but meaningful revisions. I found her to be respectful of my work, as well as clear about how to improve upon it."
--Andrea Cohen
Author, Compassionate Listening: A Guide to Practice

     "Nancy Wick has been instrumental in bringing The Memoirs of John F Kennedy: A Novel through its final stage of editing before publication. It is humbling, but so necessary, to have a professional look over a manuscript, finding all the errors before it is released into the public forum. Nancy's discerning eye for proper grammar, sentence structure and story development was invaluable in polishing the final product."
--Don Lawn
Author, The Memoirs of John F Kennedy: A Novel

     "I was very impressed with Nancy Wick of EnLightened Edits. Her superb editing skills on a short story helped me to see the piece as I never had before. She suggested options of ways to shorten or expand the story while providing detailed examples. Nancy's insights and thorough editing were terrific and I will definitely use EnLightened Edits again."
--Kathryn Schleich